More Ways to Make Extra Money in London

More Ways to Make Extra Money in London
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More Ways to Make Extra Money in London

Want to make more money in London? Silly question, of course you do! Here are some great new ways to make extra money in London.

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Market Research

Companies want your opinion.  And you’ll get paid well for giving it. Does getting paid to talk sound good? You have two options:

Face-to-face - where you’ll meet with a small focus group and discuss certain products or services. Sometimes companies also conduct individual interviews. Either way, the pay for this type of market research is generally quite generous. Plus, there absolutely hundreds of market research companies in London meaning there are plenty of chances for you to get involved and make extra money.

Check out: Saros Research

Pay: around £50 for 1-2 hours

Online Surveys – this is the more boring option and you’ll never get the chance to meet people as you do with face-to-face market research. On the plus side, there are loads of websites which offer online surveys. So, if you have a day or two to spare, you can sign up to a few and complete many surveys. Before registering,  check whether the site  is legitimate (Google it) as there have been many scams.

Check Out: Valued Opinions

Pay: Varies – from Amazon vouchers to £80

Clinical Trials

Whilst we do not endorse taking part in clinical trials, it can be a great way to make a lot of extra money in London. Generally, taking part in clinical trials is safe as they subject to a lot of regulation. Furthermore, the medicines which are under trial usually go through extensive testing before they are considered safe for human trials. Of course, you may experience side effects as a result of taking part in medical testing - so don’t take it lightly.

Check out: London Clinical Trials

Pay: from £120 – thousands


As you can imagine, there are a plethora of companies in London that need people constantly to distribute flyers. This can be anything from handing out venue flyers to queues of people or  at events.  You could also distribute newspapers and magazines at tube stations or door to door. Overall, this is a great way to make extra money in London as work is generally on evenings and weekends.

Check out: Impact or Gumtree

Pay: Can be quite good, around £15 a hour (but you need to take in account travel costs)

Mystery Shopper

If you have a few hours spare you can make extra money in London by shopping.  Yes, you can get paid for shopping. It’s a little like spying - so can be quite exciting. Mystery shopping involves visiting shops, restaurants and anywhere that involves customer service – all you have to do is use the service and review it. The work can involve a day shopping for designer clothes or eating a meal in restaurant.

Check out: Retail Eyes

Pay:  Varies. Can be as low as £5 an hour. The advantage is that your expenses will be taken care of – so you get to shop for free.

Good at Maths?

You can make a decent second income looking after accounts. You don’t really need to be qualified although a Sage course (around £60) would definitely help you get more work. The best way to find work of this nature in London is on

Check out: Book Keeping

Pay: Varies

Auction It!

You can start an eBay business pretty easy. Start by selling some of the things you have around the house that you don’t need. Then use the profits to find a product or products which you know you could sell easily on eBay. Also, consider selling on Amazon.

You could buy broken items that you could then fix and sell. Selling on eBay and Amazon is a great way to make extra money in London - but do your research first before you spend any money.

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